CYNETART choros - cybernetic garden

The CYNETART festival for media art and platform for artistic research and nomadic thinking will take place from October 27 to 30, 2022 in Dresden and online at A MAZE. / SPACE at

For us as CYNETART platform collective the term "cybernetic garden" means collection, storage and translation of personal as well as environmental data. In this process, the virtual and the physical overlap through (re)animation of the data, blurring the boundaries between the fictional and the present. The audiovisual, aesthetic design of this connex finds its framing as a "garden" in the medium of virtual reality.

In the cybernetic garden, the artistic engagement with (digital) images of the self and the world are to grow together and be cultivated through "choral" practices. The title chorus refers to the communal in choral practices: collectively generating, creating, experiencing. Decentralized spaces and activities enable public participation over time and through multiple forms of interaction.

Artistic Participants:

Katharina Groß, Charles Washington, Minh Duc Nguyen, Nkhensani Mkhari, Aliaksandra Yakubouskaya, Aloïs Yang, Lisa Hoffmann, Alba T Álvarez, Artem Dyadichkin, Vitali Drazdovich, Jaime del Val, ANAKHEMIA, Bubblegum Club, DB Amorin, Maria Pätzold.

CYNETART choros - cybernetic garden is an event of the Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau e.V. in cooperation with the platform A MAZE. and the Netzwerk Medien Kunst Dresden and is developed as part of »dive in. Programme for Digital Interactions« of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes (German Federal Cultural Foundation).

Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) through the NEUSTART KULTUR programme, and by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony. This project is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon state parliament.


online: A MAZE. / SPACE
access via:

on site in Dresden:
Büro für Gute Maßnahmen (BfGM), Jordanstraße 9, 01099 Dresden,



WED 26 Oct
15.00 (CET)
telematic space partner event with Metabody Toulouse / K.Danse
Büro für Gute Maßnahmen
Jaime del Val, Maria Pätzold, Alba T. Álvarez

FB event

27 - 30 OCT 2022
CYNETART choros - cybernetic garden A MAZE. / SPACE
online: CYNETART choros - cybernetic garden at A MAZE. / SPACE
access via A MAZE. / SPACE (installation needed)

THU 27 Oct
19.00hr (CET)
CYNETART choros - cybernetic garden opening - meet & greet
Büro für Gute Maßnahmen + A MAZE. / SPACE (30 mins installation needed)
Alternative video stream via Twitch

FRI 28 Oct
21.00hr (CET)
Performance, guided meditation by Nkhensani Mhakari
Büro für Gute Maßnahmen + A MAZE. / SPACE (30 mins installation needed)
Alternative video stream via Twitch

SAT 29 Oct
21.00hr (CET)
»Atlas of Rhythms«
Live Performance by Katharina Groß und Alba T. Álvarez
Büro für Gute Maßnahmen + A MAZE. / SPACE (30 mins installation needed)
Alternative video stream via Twitch

SUN 30 Oct
18.00hr (CET)
»Atlas of Rhythms«
Live Performance by Katharina Groß und Alba T. Álvarez
Büro für Gute Maßnahmen + A MAZE. / SPACE (30 mins installation needed)
Alternative video stream via Twitch

CYNETART Platform Schedule

26 OCT 2022 - telematic space at BfGM
partner event with Metabody Toulouse / K.Danse, in cooperation with reverso and TMA Hellerau

Streaming Together
8 to 30 OCT 2022
video on demand by ANAKHEMIA, Jamal Nxedlana, DB Amorin
online here or in CYNETART platform 3D space

NCNTP - TAB 2022 (digital projects)
8 to 29 OCT 2022
+ public events in Tiflis: 8th + 15th OCT 2022

NCNTP - Digital Solitude Assembly Tbilisi (NCNTP)
22 OCT 2022
Zoom Space (event)
public events in Tiflis 21st and 22nd OCT

CYNETART choros - cybernetic garden
27 to 30 OCT 2022
online: A MAZE. / SPACE
access via:
Büro für Gute Maßnahmen (BfGM), Jordanstraße 9, 01099 Dresden


The A MAZE. / SPACE is a 3D Multiplayer Culture Experience, where the visitors can interact with games, digital art, and other adventurous media. This space invites you to a constantly fresh curated program of live-streamed talks, music performances, games, and art exhibitions in collaboration with art institutions, festivals, thinkers, and curators.


The CYNETART Cybernetic Garden is a temporary project within the virtual multi-user space A MAZE. / SPACE. Accessing the A MAZE. / SPACE is possible anytime, but requires an extra installation of a launcher (available for Windows and Mac OS computers) as well as a quick registration in the A MAZE. / SPACE. The installation file can be downloaded here. The CYNETART Cybernetic Garden shows up during the festival time.


The A MAZE. / SPACE supports two forms of navigation. The 3D space can be explored using the screen, mouse and keyboard. Additionally, the space can also be entered in VR using a Meta Quest or HTC Vive. Navigation by mouse and keyboard is the same as on this website. If you can navigate safely here, you are ready to explore the A MAZE. / SPACE. For those entering the space in VR, the normal controls of the respective VR goggles will apply.


Open the showcase

Online streaming program with video works by ANAKHEMIA, Bubblegum Club, and DB Amorin.

"Streaming Together" loosely connects three artistic positions that express themselves with audio visual media. Inspired by embodied movements and fictional approaches to our dream states, various media are used to tell what once happened and what may yet happen.

ANAKHEMIA - Weapons of Mass Redemption (2022)

Rose14 is a dream hacker from dimension P36, recruiting human entities for special inter-galactic missions. During a recruitment session for a black project called ‘AquaMarine’ exploring themes known to affect the course of life of a human on Planet Earth, she dropped into limbo due to a hardware malfunction, losing all sense of cognizance between dreams and reality. But, within the experience of perception between Dreams and Reality lies the very code to unlock the limbo and awaken fully.

Will Rose14 find it, or will she not?

Will they awaken, or continue dreaming . . . . ?

commissioned / co-produced by: Iklectik Art Lab (London) @iklectikartlab & Arts Council England @aceagrams

DB Amorin - Huli (2017/2022)

HULI is a hyperlinked narrative, a collection of strobed vignettes based on matrilineal storytelling, translated through embodied movement. This is a story told through approximations, whose truth is ambient and lingers in neon half-frames, in weightless spaces suspended between when it happened once and when it happened again. This is a condition passed in circles, leaping over generation gaps, written into code and manifested in all the noises and ticks, glitches and fits. Using a combination of analog video manipulation and styleGAN trained on recursive data sets, this iterative presentation seek to trouble authenticity in all forms, from the process of pinpointing truth when mapping familial and cultural history, as well as the representation of indigenous experience itself, which is often one of epistemological voids, of traumatic severances and vast blank spots where a vacuum serves as foundation. These modular video works, originally produced for installation, are released from their loops, compiled here as a linear, abstract short film. Featuring embodied movement by Renee Sills and audio compositions by Kevin Holden.

Bubblegum Club – Soft Lapse


Atlas of Rhythms

Atlas of Rhythms examines the media-ecological interplay of vegetative, human and technological modes of existence and explores how all the actors involved (plant world, humans and technology) can be negotiated on an equal footing to build a network of care across the boundaries of species and aliveness. During the intra-active performance, the breathing, muscle tension and movements of the dance performer (Alba T. Álvarez) as well as the electrical conductivity of the plants are measured. All data are translated into MIDI signals (pitch, duration, strength) and sonified, i.e. generated live into soundscapes by the sound performer Katharina Groß or additionally visualised for the VR environment by Minh Duc Nguyen. The result is a cartographic reference work for biological processes, each of which produces its own rhythms.

Live Performance by Katharina Groß, Alba María Thomas Álvarez
VR-Installation in A MAZE. / SPACE (30 mins installation needed)
Live-performance Stream in A MAZE. / SPACE (30 mins installation needed)
Alternative video stream via Twitch
Location: on site in Dresden (Büro für gute Maßnahmen)

Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2022 (TAB 2022)

This year, the TAB 2022 digital programme focuses on architectures that speak of an era that has already passed and their visions of the future, and which are made accessible through digital media. The individual imagination as a moment of possibility for participation and co-creation, as well as concrete architectures such as the Kartli Sanatorium from Tbilisi or the Parus Hotel in Dnipro.

All three projects, selected for the digital art program of TAB, conceal fractured personal histories in the context of a reflection on the present, both in topographical Tbilisi and the effects of war, displacement, migration, loss and hope in the intersecting experiences of temporality of the architectures: past (Parus), present (Kartli) and future (Dream Together). All digital projects will be presented at the online platforms on 8th of October 2022 at the website

The presentations of the digital projects will be held in the physical space of Sanatorium Kartli in an art installation format during the opening of TAB.

Visitors to the opening of TAB on the 8th of October can express their considerations, wishes and thoughts in the framework of the project “dream together”, which will involve people in the process of developing a possible future in Tbilisi and creates a participatory framework with the help of artificial intelligence tools.


Bodynet: Abstract Avatars - Interactive telematic space for the audience to play with.

Telematic interaction event in connection with Metabody Toulouse / K. Danse
October 26th, 2022
Dresden: Büro für Gute Maßnahmen
with Jaime del Val, Mari Pätzold, Alba T. Álvarez (as audience mediators and players)

The movements of a local and a remote interactor get transposed onto abstract avatars moving on the screen: amorphous creatures-architectures, 3D meshes and sounds for an online metagame that hacks control aesthetics and invites the interacting audience to open up to indeterminacy and variation by focusing on tiny torsions of the body: a means to regain proprioception (the sense of movement of the body) in a culture of atrophy and hypercontrol, as a way towards restoring the health of the Planet in the Anthropocene and the age of algorithms, towards an embodied internet or *Bodynet*, and beyond, as a revival of choral practices: *Khorós.*

Based on the *Bodynet-Abstract Avatars* project

developed by Jaime del Val*/*Reverso/Metabody in collaboration with: Jean-Marc Matos/K. Danse and collaborators in the frame of Metabody Forum 2021 and Metabody Toulouse 2021.

CYNETART choros - cybernetic garden


Upon entering the CYNETART choros - cybernetic garden, the view is opened, although the eyes are already open. The view opens to a per se non-place, because the medium of VR only experiences its spatiotemporal expansion through human perception and physical movement. Every visitor becomes a performer here. Surrounded by particles of light, the view is initially still foggy. Flashing lights reminiscent of thunderstorms and a humming clamour of voices put one's own orientation to the test. In the "trial and error principle", in one's own trial and error, different landscapes can be explored, evoking a kaleidoscope of (e)motional moods. Since digital processes are mostly below or beyond human thresholds of perception, the temporary CYNETART collective explored the largely undiscovered realm of VR through a nomadic mindset and choral practices. This also means for the visitor to be open to new things and thus to be inspired, afflicted and transformed by the surrounding and fellow world. The result is an experimental field of processual, collective artistic creation, which also allows visitors to do nothing. Through a grid of green garden memories, visitors float down like a feather into the depths of darkness. Holes, doors and passageways invite you to pass through, leading to an upside-down garden or a scene of fast-growing roots reaching to the sky. Sparks flow upwards through their branching veins and end up as stars in the night sky. The feeling of going together on an indefinite quest that expands one's perception to discover new horizons of meaning also constantly accompanies the visitor to this VR environment. Being online together is collective simultaneity in the here and there. Near and far lose their relevance in the medium of VR.

NCNTP - The New Cross National Temporality Project

The New Cross-National Temporality Project (NCNTP) brings together organizations from Albania, Georgia, Germany, Montenegro, Portugal, Ukraine, Spain and is designed to serve as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas among architects, urbanists, artists, researchers, and other interested individuals and organizations from different parts of the world.

Thematically, the project develops around the notion of “temporality”, which is a massive topic in terms of urbanism and architecture and has gained even more importance against the background of the ongoing , which has significantly influenced our understanding of how we use urban spaces.

Sleeping Nomad

Sleeping Nomad aims to translate the unconscious and unrecognised stories and influences during our sleeping lives into tangible dreams. As a collective experiment, it is not about intellectual meeting points, directional goals or possessive data manifestation, but rather about co-sleeping (creating) unknown nomadic landscapes.

VR-Installation in A MAZE. / SPACE
Setup and Access the necessary file via A MAZE. / SPACE (30 mins installation needed)

The changing states throughout sleep, emanating from both the environment and the sleeper, are captured using non-disruptive technologies. This data is then used to design a virtual sleepland that manifests each individual's unique journey between inner and outer space. Sleep and dreams represent intangible things that we work with, connecting them in often invisible ways. In a "superhuman" way, we can try to develop a different perception/understanding of this interconnectedness and its influence on us. As the collection of the sleepers' virtual presence grows, the sleep land will also constantly change. The viewer is invited to enter the virtual sleep land to experience a cross time-space collective sleep with others. Their sleep perspective and the time of falling asleep and waking up also play an interactive role in mapping the sleepland.


Magandzelo is a tsonga word for ritual. Nkhensani Mkhari will be offering a ritual of meditation or »Ehleketa hi vuenti« which functions to (re)connect the participants with their ancestral lineage.

The meditational practice acts as a tool for (re)memorialization. Acting as a vehicle to explore what Individuality is, what collectivity is and what it means to share space. A transtemporal ephemeral gesture looking back and forward in time. For this iteration the performance takes place within the metaverse through a custom made shamanic avatar. In this space the performance aims at destabilizing the rootedness of digital space(s) as manifestations built with contemporary computer engineering and softwares for practical objectives, but it also has a symbolic goal as a rhizomatic vibration seeking to hybridize this virtual world.

Performance, guided meditation by Nkhensani Mhakari
VR-Installation in A MAZE. / SPACE A MAZE. / SPACE (30 mins installation needed)
Live-performance Stream in A MAZE. / SPACE A MAZE. / SPACE (30 mins installation needed)
Alternative video stream via Twitch
Location: on site in Dresden (Büro für gute Maßnahmen)

48hrs experience

48-hrs is an open-ended format dedicated to artistic research, which allies invited experts from art and science with independent artists by means of concretely set themes, from a body-related perspective and methodically accompanied. Different embodiment practices from dance and theater, spatial storytelling techniques, creation of characters, collaborative cooking and other methods were applied to generate the character of an experiential Cybernetic Garden in Virtual Reality. By immersing the Torhaus Wehlen in a collective, embodied experience over 48 hours, we advanced the perspective of the individual through a collective practice and incorporated our experiences into the design of the Cybernetic Garden.

During the 48-hrs, participants are gently guided through the experience with various embodiment practices carefully selected by Charles A. Washington from his Somatic Movement Practices. This practice is a means of raising awareness of the various body systems. Through this awareness, participants are given time to consider concepts of postcapitalism through the embodiment of rebirth, dream dance - a silent morning movement practice - and character techno dance together or alone.

Other embodiment practices include facilitated metaphysical mind-multisensory skin awareness, a facilitated improvisation led by Alba T. Álvarez in which participants are invited to dive deeper into the metaphysical sensations of their own minds and bodies; creating a comprehensive awareness of the sense of touch by giving the visual sense a break; the safety and trust of participants in shared space; and opening spaces for sharing.

These practices will be paired with a collective world-making process guided by suggestions from Lisa Hoffmann. Using practical methods such as costume and set design, as well as techniques of spatial storytelling, collective storytelling, and awareness methods from acting exercises, participants will be encouraged to create a voluntary situation and tell stories together.

Place: Torhaus Wehlen
Date: July 2022

CYNETART choros - cybernetic garden - Raum Installation (BfGM)
26 to 30 OCT 2022
Katharina Groß, Aloïs Yang, Aliaksandra Yakubouskaya


Alba T Álvarez

Alba T Álvarez studied stage dance at the Palucca University of Dance in Dresden and successfully completed her studies in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts. Since then, she has been working as a freelance artistic author and co-author for interdisciplinary performative works that focus on the body as subject and object. Furthermore, she is currently starting to initiate a series of works called "Futur_" at the intersection between performance and media art.

DB Amorin

DB Amorin (b. Honolulu, Hawai'i) is an artist addressing audio-visual non-linearity as a container for intersectional experience, often focusing on the role error plays as a generative opportunity. His media-centered installations are the result of DIY methodologies, lo-fi translations and persistent, inquisitive experimentation of available materials. His work has been supported with awards from the Oregon Arts Commission, the Ford Family Foundation, Regional Arts & Culture Council, the Precipice Fund grant funded by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Calligram Foundation and administered by Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA). His visual art and curatorial programming have been exhibited at the ImagineNative Film + Media Arts Festival, A Space Gallery (Toronto, Canada), Luggage Store Gallery, Soundwave ((7)) Biennial (San Francisco, CA USA), PICA, Oregon Contemporary, FalseFront (Portland, OR USA), the Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu Biennial 2019, Doris Duke Theatre (Honolulu, HI USA), among others.


ANAKHEMIA is the artist persona of Afra Khan who is a music producer, live controllerist and DJ. She also indulges as a visual artist engaging primarily in AV art + photography. With a majority of her childhood spent in Saudi Arabia and being an ardent student of Kabbalistic philosophy, she finds the notions of conformity, belonging and identity very archaic ideas in the context of planetary futurism. As an artist, she believes that audio-visual art is one of the most powerful mediums of our time and that all artists share the responsibility of creating work that transforms the experience of the viewer by offering hope, inspiration and a means toward evolution.


Bubblegum Club

Bubblegum Club, seeks not so much to arrive at any definitive answer(s) to the questions of what/who and the how which determines what makes an artist. Established in 2015 in Johannesburg, their work and practise seeks to provoke and prod at the idea and space of becoming and being named artist and one's work; art. A collective organised as a company, artistic practice - like memory - resists coherency, a predetermined destination or even the need to arrive at something. They question and create, with a wink and critically playful smirk, at the intersection of art and commerce.

Bubblegum Club’s work is rooted in the ecstasies and failures of the practice itself - this space that has become their place of question, offered as a gesture to whom or whatever awaits at the other end. Their first shows were in 2018 at the Aperture Summer Open New York and the Live Art Festival #8: Superspaces in Kampnagel Hamburg. In 2020, they participated in their first distributed residency with A4 Arts Foundation culminating in a body of work called, City Deep A Virtual Affect Practice.

Jaime del Val

Jaime del Val is a post-queer metahumanist philosopher, transdisciplinary and digital artist, activist and ontohacker. He promotes the Metabody Project, Forum and Institute and the association Reverso. He develops transdisciplinary projects at the convergence of the arts, technologies, critical theory and activism. His projects, which have been presented in more than 30 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa, propose redefinitions of the body, perception and space, questioning digital control and systems of violence and normativity and mobilising instead a formless body.

Katharina Groß

Katharina Groß first studied sculpture, then animation film and completed her studies with a Master's degree in the New Media class with Prof. Dammbeck at the HfBK Dresden. Coming from the field of animation film, she worked as a video LIVE performer among others in clubs in Dresden, with the German-French Choir 2012, for the Tanznetz Dresden and most recently for missingsdots e.V. in the production GOOSEBUMS (2021). With the experience of synaesthetic connections between music and image, the penchant for narration and above all through the collaboration with dancers and performers, the intensive media-artistic exploration of "Virtual Reality" and other hybrid networks followed. Over the past three years, Groß has collaborated with software developers and performers to create the interactive performances blackboxing (2019), MUTUAL RESONANCE (2020) and phronesis (2021), as well as the multi-sensory VR installations latentia (2018/19) and VIRTUAL CHOIR (2019-2022). Her practice-oriented research led to her current doctorate in media philosophy at Bauhaus University Weimar.

Lisa Hoffmann

Lisa Hoffmann is a visual artist, filmmaker, performer and researcher. Her work explores transitional states, everyday fictions and fragmented realities with a focus on ecological anxieties and the decomposition of dominant narratives. She graduated from Bauhaus University Weimar in Sustainable Product Design (MFA) and Berlin University of the Arts in Art and Media (MFA).

Nkhensani Mkhari

Nkhensani Mkhari (b.1994) was born in a small town called Mabopane on the far flung edges of Pretoria in the Gauteng province. They currently reside between Cape Town and Berlin. Nkhensani terms themselves as a post-disciplinary artist, synthesising a myriad of mediums to explore the intersection between bantu autochthonous interfaces and technology. The artist primarily uses the Dikenga cosmogram as a point of departure in their works. Nkhensani has been an artist-in-residence at Fak'ugesi Festival 2018 and 2020; Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, 2020; Floating Reverie, South Africa, 2022; As We Leave The Window Open, Liste Basel, 2022 and CYNETART choros - 48hrs process, Torhaus Wehlen, 2022. Nkhensani has curated shows locally and internationally most recently for Overkill Festival 2021 in the Netherlands. Their work titled Zibuyile Zinkisi is currently showing as part of the 15th Fellbach Klein Plastik Triennial titled The Vibration of Things curated by Elke aus dem Moore.

Minh Duc Nguyen

Minh Duc Nguyen has been active in cultural and artistic communities in Brussels and Montreal. Originally from Dresden, he is involved in several subcultures and art projects international-wide. His latest exhibition represents the book release of / nœuds et arétes / - a long-term photo project started in 2019 in Montreal.

Maria Pätzold

Maria Pätzold was born in Minsk, Belarus, and is currently based in Dresden, Germany. She took part in an one-year-program of Film Directing at RIFS in Rome and is currently studying Visual Arts at the Dresden University of Fine Arts. Maria is a member of Kvasar online gallery and co-founded an Animation organisation. In her artistic practice, she focuses on storytelling, performing with voice and body as a medium, as well as sound and video art.

Charles Washington

Charles A. Washington is a choreographer, performer and musician living in Dresden, Germany. He is the artistic director of his project-based dance company Pinkmetalpetal Productions. At present, his artistic focus is on finding tools to teach and experience expressions that emerge in the attempt to imagine and create spaces that explore the impossible, the uncertain and the eerie.

Aliaksandra Yakubouskaya

Aliaksandra Yakubouskaya is a visual artist originally from Belarus, based in Czech Republic, Prague. She works with installation-based performances and co-created spaces that often include interaction with participants. She composes various kinds of matter and the process of ‘mattering’ for exploring the process of interconnectivity and in-betweenness. She gives a value to research that includes interviews, interactions with people, travels in different areas, body practices and experiments like non-verbal communication, collective sleeping sessions, where re-search becomes also re-finding, re-forgetting, re-perceiving, re-inter-acting, re-mattering.

In 2018 Aliaksandra co-founded the artists cluster 𝑂𝑈𝑇𝑆𝐼𝐷𝐸𝐼𝑁𝐼𝑁𝑆𝐼𝐷𝐸𝑂𝑈𝑇𝐼𝑁𝑆𝐼𝐷𝐸𝑂𝑈𝑇𝑂𝑈𝑇𝑆𝐼𝐷𝐸𝐼𝑁, consisting of artists based in both Prague and Berlin. The main interest of the project is to experiment with new cosmologies on social and environmental justice of the post-anthropocene world, where the collective explores the ideas of human-technology-nature relationships and collaborative art through laboratory with self-organized structure for artists and researchers in a natural environment located on the Czech-German border, the space opened to experiments with focus on thematic happenings, site-specific audio and visual installations.

Aloïs Yang

Aloïs Yang, born in France and raised in Taiwan, now lives in Berlin and Prague. He is a conceptual media artist, performer and experimental musician whose work explores the relationship and interaction between people, sound and the outside world. Influenced by both scientific references and the imperfections of the human understanding of nature, his work explores the perception of time and space on both the "outer" physical world and the "inner" metaphysical level of awareness - as a manifestation of how we contextualise the intersecting realities between body and mind, objective explanation and subjective projection, analogue and digital, certainty and the unknown.

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