ANAKHEMIA - Weapons of Mass Redemption (2022)

Rose14 is a dream hacker from dimension P36, recruiting human entities for special inter-galactic missions. During a recruitment session for a black project called ‘AquaMarine’ exploring themes known to affect the course of life of a human on Planet Earth, she dropped into limbo due to a hardware malfunction, losing all sense of cognizance between dreams and reality. But, within the experience of perception between Dreams and Reality lies the very code to unlock the limbo and awaken fully.

Will Rose14 find it, or will she not?

Will they awaken, or continue dreaming . . . . ?

commissioned / co-produced by: Iklectik Art Lab (London) @iklectikartlab & Arts Council England @aceagrams


ANAKHEMIA is the artist persona of Afra Khan who is a music producer, live controllerist and DJ. She also indulges as a visual artist engaging primarily in AV art + photography. With a majority of her childhood spent in Saudi Arabia and being an ardent student of Kabbalistic philosophy, she finds the notions of conformity, belonging and identity very archaic ideas in the context of planetary futurism. As an artist, she believes that audio-visual art is one of the most powerful mediums of our time and that all artists share the responsibility of creating work that transforms the experience of the viewer by offering hope, inspiration and a means toward evolution.