1st Oct – 30th of Oct 2020

In the year of falling masks CYNETART 2020 presents over 30 days of electronic music, performance, lectures and dance in the art spaces GEH8, C.Rockefeller Center for the contemporay Arts Dresden, objekt klein a, Festspielhaus Hellerau as well as on the CYNETART Online Portal. wAtch oUt!

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To get access to password based festival online screenings and to receive other festival linked invitations, to Telegram channel and such. Click here 2020@cynetart.de and send us your fav greeting or so. Simply send an email, not matter what content, just so we know that you want invitations and specials.



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Please send interview requests for the festival or individual artistic contributions to dumke@cynetart.de

[Press photos]

VORTEX 170 MB | Die große Performance im FSH Hellerau, Langheinrich & de’ Nobili

Ya-Wen Fu 44 MB | Eine Premiere der CYNETART-Preisträgerin 2018

Kiraṇ Kumār' Archipelago Archives Exhibit #8 16 MB | Digitalperformance aus Indonesien

AIDOL 1,6 MB | KI-Thema | 3D-Online-Filmvorführung

SHAPE-Künstler 64 MB | Performances, Musik, Konzerte im FSH, C. Rockefeller, oka

Tingles & Clicks 16,8 MB | 3D-Klang-Umgebung, online zu erfahren, mit Künstlerarbeiten


künstlerische Leitung: Ulf Langheinrich
Projektmanagement: Thomas Dumke
CYNETART Online Portal: parsecmonitor
Social Media Management: Anne Lippert
3D art by @shifting.phases
Visual identity by @sinosc & @shifting.phases
weitere freie Mitarbeiter*innen

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